OK. So I am tossing around a ton of mod ideas on a 2012 rzr dry sump engine…

Here is one thing I was wondering about… Has anyone put an oil pressure gauge on their machine…. After tearing down my grenaded engine it looks like that is possible by removing one of the side Allen head cover screws off the side of the case and installing a nipple and routing steel branded line to a gauge. Have not seen where anyone has done this.. Remember this is a dry sump so does not look like any pressure in the actual oil lines going to the tank.

Next is a temperature gauge. Anyone ever put a temperature gauge on there rzr for water temp? I think this is easy enough, however, would like to use a proven method if someone has it.

Has anyone done an EGT sensor? I know someone will say. Look at your header… I fully understand that, but you never know when something changes for who knows what and grenades your engine. I know it is overkill, but crap.. May as well set this thing up like I am protecting Fort Knox…

I am going to be researching how to rebuild the top end. I have a new engine coming that will need a top end rebuild. (Probably only rings but I am doing top end since it is apart).. I have thought about the 975 kit, but holy crap… That is just too damn expensive for me. Next is a 935 kit.. I can do this but will probably need cams, valves, and port/polish to make sure it gets the full potential.

Looking at the cylinder… I am going to YouTube the hell out of how to get them Pistons in the cylinder.. does not look like my standard ring compressor will work.. Any one have any tricks or places to watch a video..

To help you with my knowledge//.. I have a book and I have been reading it. I have not read the piston and ring install yet so my apologies if it is easy.

Any how… Thanks for all your help and I will post some pics soon.. I will post more pics of my grenaded engine on my other posts.

Looks like the engine had a rod failure… I see nothing else that could have made the rod fail… The Pistons were not seized or score.. And the entire engine looked good except for the rod and everywhere the damn rod decided to damage.

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