Well…..if any of you had seen my previous posts on the 2014 RZR 900 XP that had the knocking noise, Ive decided to start looking for a replacement engine. I don’t know if I will get one yet because I want to remove the engine that is in the RZR first and open it up to see what the problem is exactly. Who knows….I might be able to repair it cheaper than buying a good used engine. Whichever option is the most cost effective I’m going with that.

I wanted to put this question out there so I can get a head start should I decide to buy a used engine. Where should I look for one besides eBay and on this Forum? I would rather stay away from Craigslist for this type of item as I don’t have a way to “check” an engine that an individual would own…..unless they were connected with this forum and I could trust them.

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