2012 Rzr 900 xp4. Alba stage 2 cams with air raid filter and slp muffler. Started burning oil so I installed a new 935 top end from Nate at alba. I had the head reworked with brass guides and new seals. The motor burned some oil for the first couple rides after top end rebuild but did seal up. I overheated it bad and it started burning oil again. I rode it for about a year just dumping oil in it. Took it apart again. I had a notable machine shop look at the cylinder and rework the valves again. I ended up just re ringing it with same pistons and cylinder. Broke it in and then took it out for a weekend and burned a quart and a half of oil in 100 miles. Took it apart again replaced the cylinder pistons and rings with new 935 kit from nate. Broke it in with joe Gibbs br oil. Still burning massive amounts of oil! There was no oil dripping down on the valve stems when I took it apart and the valves seals and guides were just done. Yes I installed the rings correctly markings up. Gaps set to .017″ top ring .022″ second ring per CP manual. All ring orientations set per Polaris service manual. Arp head studs installed torqued to 85 ftlbs. Any ideas? Could oil be burning for any other reason?

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