Here is a neat video my son put together…

It is basically the high light reel from both our GoPros. It is a little hard to keep up wth because he keeps switching back and forth. I am the one who got the hole shot and finished 2nd… My son made a mistake while trying to pass me and rolled his over. After having to wait for a clean up rider to come help him up right it and then letting the machine sit for another minute to let the oil drain back down, his first lap was 3 minutes and 10 seconds longer than mine so he was lucky to get it back up to 4th!

Entries were a little down from what I expected… had 12 at the previous round and i kept hearing some fast people were buying them. I still think this class couple easily get 15+ by year end.

This is by far the Cheapest SXS racing we have gotten into. I know it’s not technically a sxs.
You can literally buy one of Thursday, add some window nets, a kill switch and a harness and come out to Race the GNCC on Saturday in a very competitive machine! My boy won both the first 2 races in a stock car with bone stock shock still on it!

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