I got the bug to buy one for me to race, so I traded in my 16 model xp1000 and picked me up a brand new Rs1 on Friday, March 2nd. I took the time Friday night to install some Harnesses and break in the belt a little.

That’s it… Lined up in the ProUTV class on Saturday! Got the holeshot with ease, but I was holding up the #1 and #2 GNCC finishers from last weekend’s Big Buck race… As the race un-folded, I was passed by one of the YXZs too. He was 10th in last week GNCC too so I didn’t feel too bad. The CanAm of Jamie McCoy broke a U-joint so he only had 2wd drive after lap one and I was able to get back around him to take a 3rd place!

This track sucked… not because of the lay-out but because of the Sandy soil… But I am very Happy with how the car performed.

Remember… Bone Stock, didn’t even click the clickers on the shocks… I did run skinny 27′ tires on all four corners tho.

Enjoy !

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