I found this forum while searching for information on tuning the Bosch ME17 family of ECUs. Seems like a lot of good info here, but I did not find any mention of the DynoJet’s PVCX flash tuner that was just introduced for the Polaris RZR and Indian Motorcycles.

Here’s a brochure referencing the PVCX for use on Indian Motorcycles, but it is the same unit for the Polaris RZR’s too.

I’ve been beta testing the unit for my Indian. Thought I would mention it here to see if anyone has used it yet to flash their ECU?

Looks like DynoJet has tunes available for several model here: Power Vision Tunes

RZR 900
RZR XP1000 and Turbo
General 1000
Ranger XP1000

(Note: I am not affiliated with DynoJet, just an user of this product)

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