Hey all,
I’m a longtime lurker and finally joined. This forum is a good source of information. I recently purchased a RZR 1000 S and installed the HMF true dual exhaust. My RZR apparently is one of the few that has a factory O2 sensor. The HMF exhaust has an 18mm bung and I was instructed by RVS to use the factory sensor if its present on my machine with their Stage 2 ECU flash.

The problem I have is, even though I got a 12mm to 18mm adapter to fit the OEM sensor into the exhaust, the location is different and the harness is too short to reach the sensor. I can’t find an O2 sensor extension for the RZR either.

Any help? RVS said to run the sensor but I don’t know how it is used in their reflashed Stage 2 ECU tune. Any advice is appreciated.

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