Has anyone ever replaced or found an alternate PPS (pedal position sensor) that is waterproof or more weather resistant than the OEM polaris unit ? or does anyone make aftermarket racing pedals with a different PPS? According to my Polaris tech they are standard automotive hall effect PPS that operates within a 0v-5v range and has a standard 6 pin connector. I have searched the web a fair amount and have found a few things but not much, sensors and ecu stuff is not my area of expertise so I’m hoping that someone with experience in tuning and sensor knowledge will help out.

Rotary Position Sensors | Control Devices
I’ve found these so far… but not really sure which one would be ideal but single output is 3 pins/wires and the dual output is 6 pins/wires like the Polaris but have a look there is many types

We all really need a better drive by wire throttle setup …. and waterproof of course

Thanks very much

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