Well I hate to sell my lil rzr because its part family, especially my late dad got to ride in it. And now I have a ’18 General.

This thing is loaded. 124.3 hours 981 miles.

Notice I am one of a few that went to the trouble to install a International turf saver rear end.

$6500, I am east of Asheville, NC in Black Mountain

Optional Polaris accessories added

Polaris Front bumper
Polaris Rear bumper
Polaris 14″ Wheels & tires
Polaris Cab with rear sliding window, doors and Windshield
Polaris Glovebox
Polaris International turf saver rear differential
2008 Polaris tail lights with back up lights

3rd Party accessories.

Halogen driving lights
Viper 4000lb winch synthetic rope
Front & rear fender flares
Kolpin split windshield
Summit heater
Kolpin rear cooler
Water temp gage
Rear view mirror
Super ATV steering wheel
Steel half doors
3/8″ thick UHMW skid plate


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