In 2008 after the Polaris dealer took delivery of this vehicle they sent it out to Lone Star Racing for a total customization. They upgraded everything! Axils, suspension, exhaust, wheels, seats, bumpers, powder coated roll cage, high intensity head lights and light bar. Billet steering wheel, Oh Shit grab bar and interior light. Fuel programmer, wired for whips that are hidden too. This rig is fast!
The only reason I am selling is because I have 2 and it doesn’t get used much.

I noticed that on the back of the muffler the decorative “tail pipe” unscrewed and fell off. Some people want a quiet or silent muffler for hunting. So I am offering a muffler allowance so you can replace the muffler with your choice.Attachment 447649Attachment 447657Attachment 447665

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