Selling my RZR570 Turbo since we’ve outgrown it and now have a 6 seat ranger. This is the trail edition so it has power steering and turf mode for not tearing up the lawn when loading. It’s a ton of fun.

Low hours miles (50 hours and 553 miles). Driven at Pismo ~90% of the time. Here’s a list of mods:

MCX Turbo installed at MCX By Trey in AZ
UTV Inc Radius cage and bumper
LED headlights
30″Rigid SR series light bar
PRP heated seats with center seat (2013 is the last year added seats are legal in CA)
– My kids loved riding in the middle harness until they got a bit too big at 6-8 years old
Pro Armor Aluminum doors
Tusk UTV side mirrors
UTV Inc center mirror

Price includes Dirt tires and 8 paddle Skat Trak Extreme Sand Paddles in the rear with smoothies in the front.

I also have a full air suspension system from Legend Air (uninstalled) that I’ll sell for $1k, paid $2200:…e-ride-height/

Here’s a link to my craigslist posting with pics:…599896969.html

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