!!! Attention RS1 Owners !!!

As you all know Bikeman has been working on the RS1 performance parts and now they are ready to ship!

These graph are a representation of the gain while running BMP Tuner, Exhaust and Stage 2 clutching verses All stock. During the run street tires were used to maintain a consistent grip to the dyno rollers. Horsepower is depicted red being scaled on the left of the page and RPM is depicted Blue being scaled on the right side of page. The baseline stock rpm and horsepower is the darker red and darker blue lines. The stock maximum horsepower was a consistent 82, RPM stayed below 8350 and would not go over 73 mph due to ECU limiters. In the tuning the electronic limitations have been adjusted for maximum performance RPM limits are raised to 9000, Electronic speed limiters are raised to 120 (this eliminates any electronic speed limit), Torque limits are raised (allows for the most acceleration possible), ignition timing and fuel curves are optimized for BMP exhaust, Dual cooling fans are controlled independently (fan 1 will kick on at 185 while fan 2 will kick on at 190 minimizing load on charging system until needed. Clutching is matched to the added performance package to lower belt temps and get the most power to the ground. The Aluminum bodied Billet muffler has interchangeable accessories which allow you to decrease the db, add forest service approved spark arrestor and turn exhaust flow towards the rear of the vehicle. The exhaust packing is ultra high quality stainless steel mesh which will far outlast the competitions fiberglass packing.

Gains are great as you can see by the graphs power comes on faster, makes more and lasts longer! Customers will see about a 20mph gain on top speed as well. The Bikeman tuning keeps going when others are limited by background ECU functions.

Bolt on performance kit is available today! Includes ECU flash device Bikeman preprogrammed (Bully Dog or Dynojet), Slip on exhaust and Stage 2 clutching. We also have full exhaust system available for the customer that wants even more!

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