Well I finally got around to making up a adjustable limit strap setup for the front. Was actually very simple to make. Used 1.5″ .120 Dom tube 11″ long, .120 wall 3/4″ Dom tube, 2 trail gear limit strap clevis kits, 2 treal gear 14″ 6 ply straps, 1.5″ tube caps, and some lower shock bolts with spacers. The lower mount point is tight and fixed and the upper moves as needed in the clevis. My question is to the people that run front straps how much is normally taken away from the droop travel? I have my setup designed so that fully unloaded nothing is restricted to fully tightened down it reastricts droop by 2.5″. I have it setup now with 3/4 of a inch strapped up. My shock setup already has 1.5″ more droop than factory walkers shocks so im just trying to reduce shock knock and to keep the steering angles from getting freaked out at full droop out.

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