Well here is a list of add ons I have done so far. Most of the stuff is pretty good. Any issues I came across will be noted.

1) Polaris Bumper- Thought ordering a winch ready bumper would be a no brainer. The bumper install is easy only issue is getting the bolts tight as two of them are in a tight location. Having big hands doesn’t help either. Planned on using a spare winch I had lying around only to discover I need a wide spool winch. Ordered a 4500lb Black Opt from Super Atv took bumper back off to install and it doesn’t fit. The housing is too big and hits the inside bumper curve. Not sure if Harbor Freight 5000lb will work. Have HF winch on my RZR S 1000 with no issues. Only other option is Polaris but at $750 the cheapest I saw forget about it. Feel Polaris is screwing us. Haven’t really seen another production winch ready bumper yet.

2) Polaris rock sliders. Install easy and no complaints.

3) Polaris door bag. Once again no issues. But I just saw PRP Seats has come out with a three piece set. Door bag, overhead bag and right side bag. Wish they came out sooner with it.

4) Double OTT upper doors and MudBuster flares. Both have helped out a lot keeping the mud and water from covering you while riding. Plus you still can see the front wheels. Only downfall on the flares you can’t see backing up. So I had a rear camera lying around and installed that.

5)Polaris rear storage bag. Really like this bag, more room than expected. Even comes with a removable insulated compartment for food and drinks. I did lay some heat reflective material as the bottom of the bag gets warm.

6) HMF Defender rear bumper. Install simple except once again the two bottom bolts for the radius rods. Hard to get the nuts started tight space.

7) Assault trailing arms guards. Looks great and easy install

8) EMP full windshield and Black aluminum roof. No complaints easy removal of windshield. Has held up great with no scratches even after hitting limbs going across trails. The roof does have some of the anodized peeling off on the side edge, probably from hitting tree limbs across the trails. Not a deal killer. Also installed manual wiper.

9) Super Atv high clearance radius rods. Well after riding in the snow and hitting unseen rocks bent the lower radius rods. These are 4 times beefier and heavier than the toothpick factory radius rods. Instructions somewhat confusing had to bend my bumper mounting plate where it meets the top radius rods to be more flat. Not a big issue now it bolts up flush to the radius rod bushing.

10) Ricochet front A-Arm guards. Installed when I first purchased the RS 1 back in August, because I didn’t want to bend the A-arms like I did twice on my RZR. They have held up great with no damage to A-arms

11) SuperAtv 4″ round led lights. Simple install kinda bright, the RS 1 headlights actually work very well. I was just trying to get the look of a 1967 Shelby Gt500 with the inboard lights, which are mounted on top of the bumper.

12) Simpson Suspension seat a 5pt harness. What a difference in ride comfort. The seat is angled back a little more than the factory seat and the bottom is longer giving your legs more support. When the seat is all the way back the top is up against my rear windshield Not an issue yet, hope I don’t wear or rub something too much. With the seat belts going over rocky trails a little fast, they really keep you planted in the seat and not bouncing all around. Only thing is in order to have the belts pass thru the seats I was unable to use the factory roll bar mounting points and had to loop the belts around the bar instead. Factory tabs are to wide.

13) Polaris rear windshield. Install is kinda tough. You have to remove the access cover first, then slide the bottom of the windshield in, which, required me having to pry it in, then clamp it in, then put the access panel back. Plus the seat is right against this windshield. I would have taken it back but I already cut the rubber to pass the belts thru it. I really haven’t notice a difference yet in it keeping the wind and cold off my neck or dust out of the cab. I guess time will tell.

I also went with PRP Seats overhead bag. Pretty good size. I carry a spare CVT belt inside it (went with Hunter Works) will switch when factory wears out. Also able to carry winter gloves and anything else I need to get to quick.
I purchased HAVOC industries wheel bearing greaser. Greased them after one ride you wouldn’t believe the amount of water I pushed out and amount of grease they needed. Very good tool.

So if anyone else wants to share their experience with a product that works or doesn’t post it here so we can all be aware and not waste our money.

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