Ok guys after spending some time with my rig on 32s and with a bikeman stage 2 clutch kit I think I need to make some tweaks to the clutching. Went to Hatfield McCoy for the weekend and it was extremely muddy both days. I prefer 2wd over 4wd so I tend to spin some more than most people in the slick stuff. Long story short I was really paying attention to my rpm when I was stabbing it to wot in the long stretches. The first thing I noticed was my rpms seemed lower than they should be. I cannot remember what it reeved up to stock and to be honest I just put the clutch kit in it as bikeman said it should be setup and never checked rpm b4 or after. So on the way back to my camp I have some long road stretches so I did a few road pulls from a dead stop. From a dead stop it will review to around 7800-7700 and slowly pull up to about 8100-8200 way on the top end at 75mph. I feel I’m leaving some power on the table with this setup. My setup is dynojet cx with a dynojet tune, full hmf exhaust, stock belt, 32″ tensor ds tires, and the cars weight with me in it is 1820 pounds. I am running the gold weights with no added weight to them. It almost seems like I need to pull weight away but I can’t pull anymore. Just looking for some other people that have clutched a rs1 and the setup they run. Also looking for some base lines from stock units rpm wise

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