Wow, took a spin for ten miles today, and my ears rang for an hour afterword. It seems that beautiful plastic air plenum mounted a few inches behind my head (which is shared by the engine air intake and the cvt cooling) has a strong resonant frequency when the engine is pulling 7000 plus rpm. It’s cool at first, but annoying over time.
Also, i put in a fairly nice panoramic rear view mirror, but all i can view in it is air plenum.
So, the plenum goes.
I took it off in about 30 minutes, and started thinking about how to duct upward from the rubber boots that now remain there. Conveniently, the inside diameter of these boots is about 3.5″, a perfect fit for the o.d. of 3 inch pvc.
So, does anybody have a great idea on how this ducting should be designed for function and some style?
I saw an aluminum cap part somewhere, maybe that is best, unsure. Any other ideas? Has anyone else already done this, and if so can you post a picture of your solution please?

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