It was a very hotly contested championship this year! The top 2 only missed the podium one race each and both those was a 4th place !

I finished 4th with 2 podiums, a couple 4ths and a 5th place finish! My youngest son is the one who won the title. This was actually his 2nd year winning the SS championship too.

We have had some success in the XP this past season too, and people are always asking me to compare the two.

To be honest, unless you just want to take someone along, there really is No comparison. Sure, our XP is very competitive on the track… but we easily have 10,000 more invested just to get it there. Simple things, but they are still very expensive changes.

Radiator has to be relocated in the xp.
Steering really needs a quickener in the xp.
sway bar has to be braced.
Clutching has to be re-worked… and we finally ended up going with a different secondary in the xp.
ECM flashed to get a little extra umph.
have to buy an extra racing seat and seat of harnesses too.

Our XC racing Rs1 cars have nothing but safety gear and shock tuning. We added slip on pipes so we don’t constantly hear the cars behind us, but we still run factory tunes in the Rs1

Of course, we run bumpers and tree kickers on either car… We have one Rs1 and I am sure we will put a better cage on the others this winter, but we ran oem in the GNCC this year.

Here are some little video clips from the Powerline and Ironman event. My boy won Powerline and I got a 4th there. At Ironman we were 2nd and 3rd. There was 10 cars at Powerline and 14 at Ironman.

I know if the GNCC would have run us again in 2019, there would have been 20 cars in each race! Of course, that is a big part of what they are scared of! It really was coming down to UTVs needing their own day, and they aren’t ready for that kind of change. Insurance BS aside, every business owner in the US get harassed daily by insurance crap.. They simply didn’t know what to do when they had over 100 entries in the UTV classes weekend after weekend.

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