So at 600km my suspension sagged out to the point where I couldnt stand trail riding cause I was bottoming out on everything. I spent a lot of time pondering lift kits versus spring upgrades. Keep in mind i live in Canada and to get a Racertech spring kit or equivalent delivered to my door, Im looking at $1000. Decided to try the Highlifter rear tender spring upgrade. This worked great an lifted my rear a little over 2″ with the same preload.

Then to my front I decided to do a little experiment. I picked up a pair of plastic spring spacers that are in the rear shocks to separate the rear dual rate springs and installed them on my front shocks with the OEM rear tenders. I now have my preload lock rings much higher than before (obviously cause ive added an extra 6″ of spring) and have now a little over 2″ lift in the front!

Now for you suspension experts. I now have that shock “Thump” on rebound only in the front when trail riding. I realize this happens when you have too much preload. I dont want to have to reduce any preload in the front in risk of losing any of the 2″ i gained.

Any suggestions on what i can do?

Will post pics once i figure out how.

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