So I have a 800s currently… It gets me everywhere I want to go, its fun to drive but it just lacks power. Most riding is trails and there is no width restriction, but they are winded etc and the turning radius on my 800s is perfect.

I currently have quite a bit of addons on my 800s and I am looking for someone locally to replicate it for the most part… IE: doors, roof, window, center seat for kiddo, mudflaps, winch, bumpers etc etc. The basic stuff to keep ya dry and have fun.

So I came across this listing and it has almost everything my 800s has as far as addons.

I keep eye balling it and wife gave me the green light (Its an XP)… But I am nervous after hearing all the mods/adjustments people make to their machines right after they buy them to fix polaris defects….

IE: cam tensioners, relocate regulator, align clutches, etc etc…

Are these necessary or just a few unlucky people? It’s currently keeping me from upgrading.

Here is the machine I would like to step up to.

Utah RZR Rentals