I thought I’d share my thoughts on my first outing. Just a bunch of random thoughts, nothing technical.

When I picked the unit up, I was briefed and the entire unit with the service manager. He did discuss the break in period, however did say that full throttle is not out of question, as long as not sustained. In other words, you can see what it’s got!

So today was my first outing. I took it on a familiar trail system that took me to a town that the County court house is in, and the town is ATV’s/orv friendly. I was going there for a “waterfront” disput where my cabin is located. Anyways, when I hit the trail the first thing I didn’t like is all the rain we got, and it hurt a little bit to go from showroom clean, to mud all over it. Those feelings soon dissapeared since there were several shallow water holes. I’m not sure what inmpressed me first, the ride comfort or the speed. Both were OMG amazing! Let me point out that my other riding pleasure for past few years was a 32 hp ACE, and 550 sportsman 550 eps se. The speed was crazy good. I would often hear discussions of top speed on these 1000’s and wonder how anyone could even do that and maintain control.. well guess what, I did that today for a quick second and it still had more before I backed off, WOW. And even more importantly is how quick it got there. I played around with the on demand both on and off, and found that in off position this is offering me a whole new driving experience.. being able to actually drift around the corners. Since I’m in break in mode, and was alone today I kept things fairly simple, but often found I was constantly reminding myself to be careful because this machine is powerful unlike my past experiences.

The ride was amazing as well. If I were to go jump on my ACE right now, it would feel like doing 40-45mph (max) in a red Ryder wagon. The one with the hard rubber wheels, not the inflated tires. It handled great. I know I’m going to have some fun scarring the hell out of my passengers with all this power (in a good way) Like I said above, the handling will become somewhat of a learning curve due to excess power capabilities. The comfort of the machine combined with a nicely groomed trail can have you driving 60 plus mph, and not even feel it or know it. At the at of my adventure today, I put over 85 miles on it and it did not feel like it. Groomed trail, power steering, speed, all made it superb. I had other obligations today, otherwise I could have done nearly 300 miles just having fun. Sorry for the long jabber, but wanted to share what will be one of hundreds of rides of pure pleasure that this machine will give me. Oh, about 2.5 hours of clean up on the machine, so I can give my wife that “bran new” first ride experience as well when she comes up. Thanks for listening!

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