Well finally picked up my black 16 1000 S. Put a few hours of riding on it until me and the wife got caught in some much needed rain. Lots of rain. Overall impressed with the machine, the power and how precise the clutching is is truly amazing. The suspension needs some tweaking, it never hurt us but over any medium stuff it’s abit jarring, slow is good and big high speed stuff is good feeling to. My complaints are that I’ve just spent 20k on a machine and at the end of a pretty mild ride both plastic covers behind the seat, were fallen off and bouncing around. One already had it tabs broken off ( oil filter access). I’ll be talking to the dealer and at least getting a replacement I’d hope.
1. So is there anyway to improve the cheap plastic pieces all over the unit. The rad access and those to?
2. Coming from a brute which has a unique noisy belt and transmission I have to ask what belt noises are normal? As we are hearing something almost like a squeal, a high pitched resonating sound, could hear it at all low speeds in high and low.
3. Could anyone point me in the right direction as to set up the suspension to the best of its stock ability. Yes I know about the springs, but I figure I’ll set the sag correctly and see about the compression dampening.
Thanks everyone so much for your help.
And the entire ride I was grinning ear to ear.
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