I would like to share my experiences with the front diff in my 2016 RZR S 1000. I started experiencing problems with my rzr kicking out of all wheel drive when all four tires were spinning when climbing hills. It would stay locked in when i was crawling around or going slow. So I cleaned it up, uninstalled my front bumper, bumper light bar, and winch and carried it to my dealership and explained the problem I was having. They called me a few days later and stated they could not find anything wrong with my RZR when they test drove it. After speaking with the service manager they at least decided not to charge me the $87 diagnostic fee that they originally stated I would have to pay. If your experiencing any issues like this, I believe I have located the problem. Please watch the videos and share any thoughts because I am new to this and not a mechanic.

Scroll down a few replies and I was able to get the videos posted correctly.

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