Good evening from snow-covered VT, everyone! I have owned a half dozen motorcycles but sold my last HD when my wife became pregnant with our first/only. Bought a sports car [that we store in the winter] when our son was born so we could “all” enjoy the experience but something’s been missing. Been researching – my wife would say obsessively – UTVs for months and have narrowed it down to the RZR S 900 (likely all the machine I’d ever need around here), the S 1000 (‘cause who doesn’t want more power) or the XP 1000 (go big, right?!). Been reading this forum for months and decided to get more involved. We’re limited to mostly trail riding in my area so the 60” S 900/1000 would likely be best, but can’t let go of the XP because of the longer platform and suspension. Most everyone says a narrower rig is more agile and better for trails, but I “want” the XP…feel like I’ll always regret it if I don’t. Aren’t UTVs like campers – you traditionally start small and keep upgrading, so why not start higher from the beginning?! Would love anyone’s advise so I can pull the trigger!

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