Hello All First Post Here Thanks in Advance for the Responses!!

I have had my 2018 S 1000 for 2 months now and ride it on a track that has a pretty big jump that bottoms out the suspension sometimes. I am going to try and play with the stadjustment and make them stiffer. I think I am going to want to upgrade the shocks and springs eventually so I can really send it. Also thinking of turning it into a full race machine for the GNCC series. I would like to stay as close to the 60-62″ overall width do to trailer restriction. Currently I jack up the front end and strap the A arms together and the back squeezes into my 5×10 big Tex perfectly snug.

Any recommendations for shocks and spring upgrades?

Also looking at upgrading wheels and tires at same time. Track and trails I ride here in South Florida are sandy/soft pack, any recommendations on tires?

I attached some pictures. Hope you Enjoy😎

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