Hey Guys big hello to all and hope everyone is having a good new years so Far…..

I had a little hic-up and not really sure what to make of it because it never happened before so I thought I would share to see if it has happened to any of you guys yet and get some input to weather or not I should be concerned or it was just normal…..

So here goes Im putting on my tracks to get her ready for the grooming season and doing a complete oil change and grease job while Im at it…..like I have done before.

I saved the oil change for last…..so I do it and start it and check the stick everything is all fine started right up no idiot lights shut it down and restarted again no problems….

So I decide to take her out back and up the road started right up pulled her out of the Garage left her running for a min or 2 while I shut the doors still no problems everything is aok….pull up to the road and go to take off she does no problem for about 20 ft then she falls on her face and just dies done to a idle and the (motor Light) comes on so im like oh sheeeet time to back up slowly to the garage and get her out of the Road and she went no problem….once back in the drive way I noticed that the light had gone out so I decided to try it one more time in the yard only and it was fine and has been fine ever since…..I took it for a ride around the neighborhood and its been fine….

Im thinking maybe it had a small air pocket or something but just not sure what to really make of it….

Any ideas would be much appreciated….thanks for any responses in advance..

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