Today I brought home a 2017 1000 S. I can’t wait to get it out on the trail. I am coming from a rzr 570 which i have ridden for close to 5 years and will be glad to have a better suspension and more ground clearance. The 570 has been bulletproof for me. Aside from routine wheel bearing replacements and a bad fuel pump from the factor everything has been solid. I still plan on keeping the 570 for family or friends to ride.

This 1000 S was built on 7/24/17 according to the paperwork and it also came with the build/spec sheet from the factory (i’m not sure if that is normal or not) which lists all the part numbers and Lot numbers.

My first order is going to be hunterworks rollers as I have read that’s probably the single most important thing i can do before i start running her down the trail.

Then i plan on putting dielectric grease on all the plugs as recommended.

I’m pretty sure before this is all over I will have 20K just in accessories.

But i just wanted to pop in and Say Hi and I will become a roamer of this 1000 S forum now. attached picture

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