Hey everyone I need some insight on a clutching issue on my 17 1000S. There was some bad wear on the clutch sheaves from last year so this season I replaced the complete primary assembly, and just swapped over my stock weights and spring onto the new primary.
I also removed the secondary and applied loctite to the inner clutch cover bolts that go into the engine and tranny for a better install (didnt look like Polaris used much if any loctite on these bolts)
Reinstalled secondary with a dab of loctite and torqued to 55ft lbs. (This number seemed high but a few sites claimed that’s the number….)
Installed primary and torqued to 96 ft lbs.
Sprayed a rag with brake clean and cleaned sheaves.
Installed new gates belt.

Now the issue I am having is that in PARK my belt is still engaging, not very quickly, it still shifts fine but I was under the assumption that a brand new primary with brand new one way bearing SHOULD NOT allow the belt to move at all??
Without being too long winded I did rev it up to 3500 rpm last night after finishing the work, played with the belt a bit, at one point I felt it was fine and not engaging but as soon as I shut machine off and restarted it the belt started spinning lightly again in park.

Is there something I am missing here? I am running the stock width Gates belt, I am thinking tonight after work I might take it for a quick little ride just to see if it settles out. I will also check alignment is there anything else I should check? As a side note this is the first time these clutches have been apart since the factory touched them, kind of disappointed I am having this issue already at only 800km!!
Any help is appreciated!

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