Hello everyone.
I use my RZR 1000 S for rock crawling. Don’t need to go real fast but would love to go slower and possibly be able to slowly crawl over a rock rather than need to get a running start to keep from slipping the belt. I think one problem is the way the belt engages on this. I had not realized it was not like the Rhino I used to have. This Rzr clutch set up is way worse in starting off slow on an obstacle.

Anyway I have it and now want to make the best of it. Considered the Duraclutch but have been told it would ship next month for most of a year now and have given up waiting for it.
I am thinking lower gearing would help. I understand the transmission gearing options but that is probably beyond my ability to do – would cost quite a bit to get it done by the dealer.
I am also considering SATV Portal Gear Reduction. More expensive for h/w but I could do the install myself and return to stock if ever needed myself.

I have read every post I can find and understand theory and pros and cons. What I am hoping for is people who have real experience with transmission gear reduction or portal gear reduction on 1000 S, preferable someone who has used both.
Probably a long shot but I figure if anyone has that type of experience they would be on this board.
Thanks in advance for any results or reviews on these options.


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