We have fielded a ton of calls from customers complaining about the location of the intakes on the “S” models. Most of them are about how much dirt they are finding inside their CVT cover and air filter housing. Looking at the intakes, they are placed under the bed just in front of the wheel wells. They have no fresh air path and basically are sucking up all of the heat generated by the motor and dirt and debris kicked up by the wheels.

Our Prefiter Kit resolves these issues and relocates the intakes to the top of the bed panel to a cleaner and cooler air path. The kit is finished off with R2C dry element high flow filters built to our spec to keep heavy grit and dirt particles out of the CVT system which has proven to increase drive component life and extend service life of the main engine filter.

A great way to protect your investment!!!!
The kit comes with all of the fitted ducts, clamps, filters, filter adapters, hardware and complete instructions for an easy installation.

We have also found that the air filter housing struggles to seal along the top edge due to warping and just not enough clamping pressure in the right spots. If you have this problem, check out our strap kit.

We have kits in stock, ready to ship…….

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