I posted this in Tires and Wheels but I wanted some RZR S 1000 Owners ideas too.
So it is time for new Tires and I have 3 ideas. I want 28X10 Tires on all 4. I ride Trails with everything but Sand. I really want to stay as stock as possible with the Offset and weight. Ideally I would like lighter but I doubt that can happen.

1. Keep my stock rims and get the Tensor Regulators 12X10-12. I have 8 Stock rims so I can keep staggard (which I like) or go the same front or back, see how it looks on the Front Rims.

2. Buy ITP 12X7 Steel Rims and put the Tensors on them.

3. Buy 14X7 Rims and put a 28X10-14 Tire on it.

Do you guys have (I am probably going to regret this) an opinion or other ideas? My main goal is being as close to stock as possible with 28 inch tires.

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