This has been a heavily discussed and debated topic lately but I’ve found a lot of conflicting views. There are so many options, most seem to go with RacerTech but I’ve seen some pretty disgruntled customers lately and I’m not sure if I’d like to be the next one. Eibach would be my next choice but I don’t see a lot of reviews on those springs.
I have my RZR decked out with full cab, heater, windshields, roof, front bumper, winch, 350lbs between me and my wife, and almost always a fully stocked cooler in the bed. I ride mostly tight trails of Pennsylvania, fast dirt roads, rock crawling, I do a fair share of jumping as well and I’m always bottoming out.
I understand this a lot of information to digest but any input to steer me in any direction would be greatly appreciated.
Utah RZR Rentals