So I have a few questions, trying to find a direction to go, I flipped the rzr, and even though I knew it needed to sit before cranking it, I had to crank it to get it on the rubbers, it ran hot and rough for 2 miles back home, a few days later, it wouldn’t start, it would turn over but wouldn’t crank, took it to dealer and was hoping to warranty it thinking it was electrical and ended up being compression, they pretty much told me the inspector would be able to tell it was flipped and not cover it, so I went and got it and tore it down myself to see what I was dealing with, definatly blown head gasket where it was losing compression, pulled head and I can see what looks like a few cracks but not sure, and it may be warped, bottom end of motor is fine to my knowledge, pistons are coming to face so I know rods sent bent or broken.. anyways I’m trying not to have to buy a new head and have to get it assembled also, is there anyone that you recommend to look at it and give me some answers? Can these heads be machined? Rookie mistake forsure but i was in a tight spot and had to react, any positive thoughts would help forsure lol thanks

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