Hey guys,

I would like to get a set of ITP Delta rims for my ’17 s900 eps. I currently have a itp delta rim that was
a spare rim for my 2013 s800. The bolt pattern matches, 4-156?. But the center bore on the 2017 is 4″ i believe and the itp delta i have is a 5″ bore. Does anyone know the lug diameter off hand on the 2017 models?

Also i had to drill out the lug holes slightly to make it fit on my 2017. The backspacing and offset is perfect.

1: can i safely use these rims if i have to drill the lug holes slightly? Shouldnt cause a vibration as the lugs should still be

2: Is it ok that the center bore doesnt match? ive read that most aftermarket rims have larger center bores.

Thanks for any help!

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