What 6 x 10 open utility trailer are you putting your 900 S into?

I am purchasing a trailer that will travel freeways and mountains across state lines. Garage space confines me to 6 foot x 10 foot trailer. A 6×10 utility trailer with sides rails and is versatile for other application is a must. Whats your feedback on your experiences with this size and what name brand would you recommend? Anyone find a trailer in this size with a drop axle that can squeeze it and the RZR under a 7′ garage door? Any folding gates trailers recommendations would be nice. Sorry but I am not interested in the Windrock trailers.

In summary
What Name brand 6×10 open utility trailer with sides do you recommend?
What size drop axle (4″, 6″ etc) allowed you to back your stock roll cage 900s on your trailer into the garage under a 7 foot door height opening?
Also anyone find a folding gate to help with wind resistance ant 70 MPH thats strong enough to handle the weight of rzr?


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