Lock & Load Stage 1 Kits – Only $650!

Just the tuner with 1 custom AA tune – $450

We also have secondary clutches for 15 models with the cheap secondary, S2 clutch kits for the 2015 models with the good secondary, and S2 kits for the 2016 models with the BOSS square slider clutches.

We have tuning and clutching ready to go for any year 900 S, Trail, or XC! The combo of the two really wakes up the 900’s! Our tuning opens up the throttle 100% with huge mid range gains. Seriously.. my test vehicle went from so mild, to actually feeling like a 1000. Keeping the throttle at 100% in higher RPM’s is quite the task. I can see in many other tuners where they actually hit 100% for a few seconds, but drop off in higher RPM’s. I worked to make sure the throttle stays open 100% to redline. The throttle also wants to close when clutching for higher RPM. Right when you stomp the throttle it normally does not flash through RPM’s that quickly, and will pull the throttle if not tested extensively in the dirt. Turf mode is kept on all tunes. For a full description see the link posted above. I truly believe this is one of the best tunes & tuners available for the 2015+ 900 RZR.

Let me know if anyone has questions, and thanks for looking!

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