I ordered two sets of 28x10x14 Tusk Warthogs for my two 900S RZRs. Now I am trying to decide on wheels. I’ve read the other threads and the Shock Therapy page about scrub radius. I was pretty set on going with Raceline Mamba Beadlocks in 4+3 offset but now I’m rethinking that based on the Shock Therapy article. I favor reliability over handling and handling over appearance but still I want my new setup to look badass which is why I really like the Raceline Mambas

It seems like there are many people out there running 4+3 offset wheels. Do you guys have any issues with front suspension or steering components wearing out? Any weird handling characteristics? Is handling better or worse with 4+3? Any other issues I should be aware of?

Any regrets with Beadlocks? I have Raceline Rock monsters on my Jeep JKUR and two of them leak down over time. It’s quite annoying especially as little as I drive or 4-wheel it any more. If I had it to do over on my jeep, I’m not sure I would have gone with beadlocks.

If I go with a 5+2 wheel, which is where I am leaning right now, I’m probably going with the STI HD 9 Complock.

Let me know what you guys think.

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