I have a 2015 rzr s 900 black pearl, the stock secondary clutch is eating bushings due to damage on the face of the secondary so im definitely going to replace it and also I have 30 inch dirt commander tires, superatv high clearance a arms, racertech dual rate springs, im looking for a clutch kit thats going to bring my rpms back to where they should be for engagement but i dont want a mudders kit like I put on my fourwheeler, (it doesnt engage until 2600 rpms so it’s super aggresive off the line for mudding,) I live in northwest georgia so have mud on trails, steep mountainous hills, and tight wooded trails so i want something with smooth engagement without losing too much top end, have been eye balling the slp trail clutch kit, the duraclutch, or a team secondary with dalton clutch kit, any feedback would be awesome. Thanks.

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