I read on here before I bought my 900S that the brakes have a sensor that puts the machine in limp mode if you ride the brake for a few seconds. I have noticed this several times with mine in some really inopportune times. I use the brake to control wheel spin in corners and to keep the rear from locking up when going down steep hills. With my machine having EBS, the rear locks up on steep hills and I want to use the brakes to engage front at the same time while using the throttle to keep the rear from locking up but I cant. My 570 didn’t have EBS so I used throttle and brake for steep hills and it worked great. But not so with the 900S. Gets pretty hairy at times.
I talked to my dealer and they didn’t have a clue. Is there a sensor or is there something else wrong like a short in the brake wiring like the dealer suggested?
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