I have used this forum for much valuable information, and thought that it was time to give back. I have a ’15 900s white lightening. I would have bought a power steering 900, but money was tight. Well I got the idea to try to install used factory power steering. Guess what, it works. All you need is the power unit (around $200 on eBay) and the upper, and lower steering shafts ( another $50-$75). There are three wires from the diagnostic plug that have to be spliced. ( yello, orange, and blue). They go to the power unit, and the other connector is power, and ground. That’s it. Polaris won’t sell the patch harness, so I go the connectors, and enough wire to splice from a harness that was bad. So with a little bit of leg work, you can have Factory power steering for less than $300.
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