Just installed the SuperATV Rev1 Clutch kit on my 2016 900 S the other week. I went with the Hill Climb kit since I am running 30″ tires. Feels much better over stock clutching but I feel like the bottom end could use some adjustment for the bigger tires. My top end seems good and i’m getting 7800-7900 RPM out of it (which is ideal according to the BMP charts for a stock motor). Just wondering if anyone runs this kit and has a weight setup that they think is perfect, for 30″ tires that is. Thought I would ask before I start the trial and error method, I hate taking the clutch cover on and off a bunch of times because it never seems to seal up as good the more you do that. I’m sure that I can just add a little bit of weight to the heel of them and call it good but would like to hear what setup others are running. Let me know!

Tires are 30x10x14 GBC Grim Reapers (around 34lbs per tire).

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