Ok. Got a 2015 RZR 900s. 1000 miles. I have two issues and not know if they are linked but need help with both please.

1. When machine is left in the cold it has a no start problem. Step on break, turn key, and nothing. Fuel pump does not even activate. If you turn key back and forth a few times and step on break a few times it eventually kicks on fuel pump and starts instantly. Only does it in the cold. Very frustrating please help!

2. So other day it was really cold (-15) and I had to leave machine outside overnight. Went to get in in, started it, went to move and it was like machine was locked or frozen in place. Well the belt finally let go after a few times trying to move it. Didn’t think nothing of it and just figured i puffed a belt. Pushed it inside with the bobcat. Put new belt on. Ride it to fish house everything seamed fine. On way home there was a horrible clunking from rear driver side and I could smell belt burning. Got it home and took apart. Can’t see anything wrong. What the heck is going on here?

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