I finally got 25 hours on my new 900 and changed all of the fluids today. All went well………..sorta. It was kind of a bitch to get the oil filter out because I only had a channel lock type filter pliers and there is not much room to work, but thankfully it wasn’t too tight and I got it off. Replaced the stock with a K&N which is much easier because it had a nut you can get a socket on. Very easy to put the oil in the engine since it’s on top and it took just over 2 1/2 quarts.
Rear diff was easy. Both plugs came out ……pretty easy and using a funnel with a long tail on it for the first 2 1/4 quarts and using a little pump oil can ( like the Tin Man) for the rest. Manual says 44 oz and it took 44 oz!
The front diff was a different story. I could not get the fill plug out so I took the fitting off the vent and used my oil can to pump it in there. Manual says 7.5 oz, I put in 9 oz which is what my 570 took. Will 1 1/2 oz make a difference? I doubt it!
So I’m good to go for the next 75 hours!:)
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