Dealer currently has my trans apart for warranty work because the dealer that originally fixed the reverse chain did a bad job putting it back together.

Since it’s apart, I want to upgrade the chain. It looks like GDP or Super ATV has not released an upgrade for the 900, so I’m going to try and put highlifter parts in mine.

After doing some research, the Highlifter Ranger 900 uses the same reverse chain (3235633) as the Highlifter RZR. The Highlifter Ranger shares one half of the case (3235382) and the reverse shaft (3235380) with the RZR 900.

The differences I’ve found is that the Highlifter RZR input shaft is different (3235631) compared to the Highlifter Ranger. (3235429)

So will the input shaft from the HL Ranger fit the RZR 900 case? If so, I think that all I need to run the HL chain would be the chain, gear (3235762) and input shaft. Anyone know if this will work?

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