Some of you may have read my original Copart build thread at the end of 2016 and through earlier this year. If not, it’s here.

My family has been thoroughly enjoying our RZR, but there are 4 of us, so I either wanted to get a 4 door or another 2 door so we could all ride together.

I placed a bid last week on a 2015 900s thinking I was bidding too low to win. Turns out, no one really bid against me and the seller released the reserve and accepted my bid. Wow, that never happens, so maybe I just bought a turd.

Like the last build, I’ll post my progress here and we’ll find out together if I got the gold mine or the shaft. I’ll post my winning bid and $ spent at the end of the project.

Here’s how it looks now:

If you know this RZR’s former owner and/or the story behind the wreck, please reply!

Utah RZR Rentals