Hey Gents, wanted to post here before ordering parts since this is a first for me. From reading on here (and the rest of the web), I’m pretty confident my rack and pinion is shot. Here’s the details –

Unloaded from the trailer rode around the parking lot field to warm her up. Noticed a metallic “clanking” sound in the front end. Checked by feel, and tie rods, ball joints, wheel bearings and axles seemed good. Hopped back in to eliminate possibilities and it’s not RPM dependent, happens mostly over bumps and ever so slight feedback in the steering (EPS). It didn’t seem noticeably worse in 4wd and is intermittent. I guess the steering may be a little more sloppy than usual, but not obvious (I also haven’t rode in 3 months).

Is there any way to tell for sure? Is this description an obvious yes to you Gurus? Any help is appreciated! Need to order and replace before HMT next month. Rackboss or Rackzilla if this is the culprit.

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