So just started looking into SxS, have many years experience with motocross bikes and snowmobiles. Looking at a used 2016 900s, anything in particular to look out for or check out? What mileage/hours do things begin to wear out on these (usually around 4k miles on a snowmobile I know things will start need replacing besides wear items, usually 50 hr on a MX bike need to rebuild engine, suspension, etc.) things? Anyone in WI know if these are trail legal (width requirements)? Anything else I should know? Oh year, what is typical used price (one I’m thinking of going to look at has 1500 miles)? I did have a Kawasaki Tyrex (sp?) a couple years ago, my wife didn’t like it as when driving seems every time you hit a bump it was hard for her to control foot throttle (led to “gassing” it), do these have same issue (I didn’t have as much of an issue with it, but would sometimes happen to me to)?
Thanks for your help.

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