Hey Guys,

First post. I have a 2017 rzr s900 purchased new. Its got 230kms on it and 35hrs. after a month or so of owning it, i installed a 3″ lift kit. Has been running great, never run hard, no jumping. i did get stuck in a deep hole a couple weeks ago where the rear end of the bike sat in water for about 2 hrs while i pulled it out. water was up over the motor but not in air intake and diff oils all clear, no water entered. About a week ago the wife noticed a shudder when travelling at slow speed. It got worse then i started noticing it. I started tonight by jacking the rear and front wheels and inspecting the drive shafts and greased them.

I turned the rear wheels by hand and noticed they turn hard in neutral and when i did the entire motor was working up and down, even the muffler was travelling up and down. the motor and tranny bushings were flexing. I was like oh fuck.. better get it to the dealer. so i start removing the lift kit. once i did i tried spinning by hand the rear, and no more motor movement, and no more vibration..

Was this axle bind?? i am going to contact the fabricator of the lift kit who guarantees no problems after install. It was a local fabricator who copied a highlifter stainless steel plate setup.

I have a short video to show what i was seeing, has anyone seen this before? id like to still be able to run the lift kit, and im not sure if there is any damage done, bike is still under warrenty. Ill figure out how to load video in a bit.

Thanks for any help..

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