Hello all I wanted to tell people about my suspension on my 2015 900s.I had replaced all of the control arm bushings with after market . They made a world of difference. So recently I replaced my springs with the eibach duel rate set up and it was at this time I realized the front suspension was not traveling correctly. What was happening was I could push down on the front and it would stay down and I could pick up on the front and it would stay up. I than loosened the control arm bolts and the problem was gone. That’s when I found that with the bolts tight the front control arm bushing was rotating in the control arm and not on the sleeve. I then remembered having to pry the upper control arm back into place after having it out. So I found that the front mounting is bolted on to the frame and I loosened the plate and reinstalled the bolt in the rear and measured the distance between the control arm tube and the rear mount and there was a half inch space. So the control arm was in a bind from having to be pryed into place. So I contacted the place that supplied the bushings for me and they made a new set of bushings with a half inch head and I made a plate to shim out the front mount. What a difference this made as to how the suspension works. I Remmember others saying they were having a hard time getting their upper control arms back into place and strongly urge you to take a look at yours. Hope this helps.
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