Hey guys, new member from Vancouver BC here.

I recently picked up a used 2017 900 S w/ EPS and just threw it up on stands to get a closer look at everything.

The CVT belt looks to be in great condition, but I’m a little nervous about the small amount of dust that is sitting in the intake (or exhaust.. I’m not sure which is which?). I pulled the plastic cone-shaped plastic “screen” from behind the drivers head location and cleaned it out, but the pipe below has dust inside. There was no signs of dust or water in the actual CVT box, though.

We have extremely dry & dusty summers up here, and when travelling with a group, someone always get’s the short stick.

My questions;
1) Which is the intake and which is the exhaust for the CVT box? There looks to be one right behind the drivers head, and one near the oil filter between the seats.

2) Should I be worried about small amounts of dust in the CVT box?

3) What is recommended as pre-filtering media for both the engine and CVT? I have the factory Polaris air filter.

Thanks for everyones help!

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