Let me tell you I love this machine
I sold my rhino and picked this 2015 rzr 900s with 245 miles on it.
Putted around the yard last night and today took it to broken nut atv park. The previous owner changed the clutch springs/weights to run bigger tires .
Long story short it’s back to stock wheels as I acquired it, should I put the clutch back to stock?

I noticed a strange sound after an hour of riding ,
It’s in the transmission area
Sounded like a slight whistle and or break pads worn out , it’s speed changed as I sped up and slowed. I stopped and stuck my head in the engine area and it did it at idle too.
I shut the engine off and gave it a 30 min rest , fired it up and didn’t hear it, I then heard it later it’s not loud enough that I stopped riding .
It may be normal but I want to check all the fluids tomorrow I hear there are not 1 but 2 places you have to fill?

also wondering if the previous guy messing in the clutch area has something loose?

Either way great machine tons of power rides great , rpms seem a lot higher than the rhino was and sounds like a bad ass snowmobile
Maybe also lookin at switching that stock exhaust out

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